Tuesday, October 25, 2016

MPTCP kernel patches and config

This page collects kernel patches and configs for MPTCP, based on MPTCP git sha dbc1308bbd683e99689c0981104d0815e5f1dd90

The patches and configs are available on github https://github.com/mytechpg/mptcp-kernel-patch

Here the available patches:

kernel 4.4.22
kernel 4.3.6
kernel 4.2.8

The patches are experimental and tested only with MPTCP UML project.
Tests are ongoing. At the moment, I have only started the kernel and check mptcp enable status.


  1. Thank you very much for your work, you can make a patch on 4.4.32?

    1. Yes, I can work on it, but I guess that my patch for 4.4.22 is not fully working

    2. That's good news!Yes, I tried using patch for 4.4.22 on 4.4.32, but the compile error。

  2. Thank you for the tutorials you have already provided.

    Additionaly, have you tried using patch 4.9 with the v0.92 of MPTCP?